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First, thanks to everyone for nice comments.

I'm posting some new photos here, because you requested more info about leather dash. We don't have individual leather in Croatia yet (and I wouldn't want to wait for it anyway) but we have leather dash as an option (also there is Sensatec, if you want). Upper part of the dash is in walknappa, lower is in merino, and there are few pictures that show that. Even shortcut buttons are surrounded by leather.

I'm 186cm, but i adjusted seating position a little bit more so it's much better now regarding knees.

About laser lights - "normal" lights are adaptive LED, only high beams are laser, and high beams can do partial on/off stuff, it looks impressive on night drive and it's very easy to get used to it. But, adaptive LED is also fantastic, it's far, far better than Xenon lights I had on my previous F30. Finally lights that are worth being on this car!

And last thing - tyres. Today I switched tyres and put Michelin PS4 non-RFT (i know rims are 5x112 instead of 5x120, but tyres are the same dimensions) and it's even better now so I'm planning to keep them. However, RFT are also very good, much, much better than I'm used to. Non-RFT tyres just give the car that extra bit of composure and "planted-to-the-road" feeling.

Have a nice day!
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