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Originally Posted by CrownRoyal79 View Post
If what you're saying is true, that the red M-Performance brakes are IDENTICAL to the blue brakes that came in the track handling package, then it's a huge rip-off to pay $2700 plus installation for some slotted rotors and red paint.

But are they identical or are they different? Yes, they are the same size... But do the M-Performance brakes perform better?

I'm not doubting you. I just want the facts. If same size means same performance couldn't you say the same thing about the M-Performance exhaust - it's the same size as the original exhaust so you're paying $1500 for the M-Performance logo stamped on it?
There are no mechanical differences between the red 374mm M Perf calipers and the blue 374mm calipers.

Just like there are no mechanical differences between the red G30 / G11 M Perf calipers and the blue 395mm calipers.

The pad part number is also the same (34106888459)

If you are a G20 owner who only has blue 348mm front brakes then you will benefit from the M Perf upgrade, but only on front. Your rear would already be 345mm and remain 345mm, except your calipers would now be red.

If you are a G20 owner who has 374mm blue brakes currently - then this upgrade simply changes your caliper colour and adds dimpled / slotted discs. You do not increase the size of your brakes at all.

If you are a G20 owner who does not have the M Sport brake option, then you will benefit fully from the upgrade!

In comparison, I have sold lots of grey (unpainted) 374mm caliper sets, with discs to people and once painted they have a much cheaper brake upgrade.

The same with the 395mm calipers, although not offered by BMW
- they bolt up perfectly to the G20 hub, along with the 395mm brake discs.