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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I bet we won’t see the G20 in the US until early 2019.
Quite possibly, sure. I wouldn't want to try to guess the exact timeframe the first one arrives on our soil. But it is coming for MY2019 and I figure that in the context of this thread, that was his primary concern and what he intended to convey with the word "release" (it explains why there's no MY2019 F30 order/pricing guides). We know G20 production starts 11/2018 which is exactly two years after G30 production started. So, take the date the first G30 showed up here, add two years, and that should give a decent idea of when the first G20 will land.

Also worth mentioning (and this is covered in the aforementioned thread as well) is that, just as the M550i trailed the initial G30 530i and 540i launch, the M340i will trail the initial G20 330i launch (320i may come later as well, but may not come at all).