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Originally Posted by nullrouted View Post
Man, reading this thread is so much fail.

This is an INTERNET FORUM, people, or more accurately a SUB-FORUM dedicated to the highly contentious topics of Politics/Religion. We have lost our 1st Amendment rights almost everywhere else -- and now we're gonna celebrate losing them on the INTERNET? Really? You people need to get your heads examined.

Does a post offend you? Don't read it! Does a thread topic offend you? Don't open it! Or better yet -- make a better argument to the contrary and join the debate!

Sad that there is no place for free expression in this world anymore, everything (even FACTS) is/are called 'racism' - 'sexism' - 'bigotry' - 'homophobia' - Essentially there is no way to have a reasoned, critical debate of the issues anymore without someone (generally the loser of the argument) crying foul and using hyperbolic PC terms to describe the winner.
You have no 1st amendment rights on a privately owned forum. Just like if you walk into WalMart and start screaming racist crap, they have every right to kick you out since you're on private property.

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