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Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Was watching Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk on NFL network and Deion was ripping into Cam about his post game press conference. But Faulk made a very valid point: "you are coming off of a season like he did, you are in the pinnacle of all games, you want to win. Do you own your mouth and blurt out something that you REALLY will regret? Or do you give short one word replies. "

I agree, he could've shown more maturity in the loss. But, I too can feel his frustration in the loss. I've been on the receiving end of a loss or two in a team sport. It's pretty damn miserable!
He'll learn and mature from this I'm sure.
But back to Denver. I am most happy for DeMarcus Ware because for all those years, he played his heart out here in Dallas. He is super humble and deserving. As is Von. Also how can you not be happy for Peyton to ride off into the sunset on top! After the neck surgeries, the benchings, a new team. This is great for the NFL.
Here's the thing though.
If Carolina would have won I assure you he had an elaborate peacock celebration planned. Do you think he'd of cared about the Denver players disappointment and frustration watching them strut all over? Pssssfffttttt. Not for a second.

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