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Originally Posted by jhanksevo View Post
If u believe Jordan skill level is way above these guys then i dont know what u watching friend
Jordan, 50 a game average with the shitty defense and no hand checking rules of today. The man got the crap beat out of him by some of the toughest teams of all time, and never averaged less than 30 points a game in THE PLAYOFFS. (his lifetime playoff average in the playoffs was 33.45). TEN (10) scoring titles, while having the highest scoring average over a career OF ALL TIME (30.12). This includes his declining years, Lebron (the greatest of this generation) couldn't hope to match any of those numbers even if he had another 15 years of prime!

6-0 in NBA championship finals, NEVER EVEN GOT TO A GAME 7.

I could go on and on and on and on. By why bother? You're obviously very young and have no idea wtf you're talking about. Enjoy the toned down pussy era of nothing but five guys on the perimeter shooting threes all day.