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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
- Later this year, G30 will receive new engines (TÜ versions of the existing lineup). For the U.S. market models, only M550i will get a sizeable improvement to 530hp with all other models simply getting some incremental optimization. However, in the rest of the world, something new is coming in 520d. It will be a new energy conserving tech. Whether it is the 48V system or something more than that I just can't say.
- At the same time, Live Dash will be added as an option on lower end models and standard on others.
- In 2020, G30 LCI will be released. At that point all significant new technology will be already installed on the pre-LCI G30 models so the LCI is going to be almost entirely cosmetical. The only new additions I see are the spread of the same energy conserving tech to other models (by then, G30 won't be unique at that) and Driving Assistant Pro (the functionality first released on G05 X5) - for some reason G30 seems to be last in the line of models getting that option.[/list]
Thanks for the information. Can I assume that the F90 will get whatever the rest of the G30 line-up gets, which means the M8-style Live Dash and iDrive 7 later this year as MY2020? Do you know if the brake adjustment in the M8 will trickle down to the F90 at LCI, or are we waiting until the G60-based M5 for that?