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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
He has most definitely spoken up about what's going on within the social media platforms. The investigation into Google that is ramping up...

Two months ago I said I could live with a Biden win.
Pffftt, not anymore. The China and Ukraine information alone killed that acceptance and tolerance. Add in his flipping flopping on a dock imitations the past few weeks.
Alissa freaking Milano calls him and he reverses his Hyde stance? That's not leadership, that's full blown pandering soaked in milk and toast.

The twinkles friends bracelets.
Omg, Joe, get up off your knees.
If he keeps what's her name in charge of his campaign I think he will miss the bus in the end.

I hope I'm wrong but I see Joe having a health episode. He just doesn't have what it takes to run. Lethargic, uninspiring and Trump would destroy him in a debate setting.

Of all the dems, crazy Bernie is the only one I see as having a set of convictions and willing to stand by them. Totally nutter convictions but convictions nonetheless.


You made some good points above.

As much as I am against it, for Democrats, 2020 is shaping up to be the year of "Promising Free Stuff" and embracing your inner Socialist! If they follow their far-left base down that path it will lead to a rabbit hole that in turns leads to defeat….

Here are my thoughts on Bernie Sander, Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg, just as a starting point of the huge crop of declared candidates for the Democrat nomination for POTUS.

Yes, Bernie Sanders has been steadfast in his convictions over many years. But I do not think he would win in a one-on-one general election against Trump. I understand why many of the Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z (iGeneration), support his proposed policies since they would have the most to gain by them. But I also recognize that their youthful idealism and naivety, prevents them from understanding and accepting that most of Sander’s plans are not nutty, but are sadly. pie-in-the-sky, La-La-Land ideas that are totally unrealistic. They are, (such as Medicaid-For-All and free college, etc.), cannot be funded without dramatic (and unacceptable), reallocation of our current federal budget and a significant increase in personal and corporate taxes.

Beto O’Rourke has announced that he is joining the large group of Democrats running for president, IMHO, it seems as though too many of these candidates are self-absorbed and delusional about their realistic chances to become president.

First of all, at age 46, I think Beto O'Rourke is too young and not experienced enough with life, let alone politics, to be a viable candidate for POTUS. I was stunned by how much O’Rourke seems to be buying into his own hype. He just strikes me as a lost "dreamer" who didn't live up to daddy's expectations and is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! I just think O'Rourke is so young, wishy-washy, and just "soft" - that I worry if he ever got the job, he could crumble under real pressure. While

On the surface, at 37 years of age, Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Boot-ah-judge), former Mayor of South Bend, IA, may not really have enough life experiences and accomplishments. At this point he may possibly be the smartest of the whole Democratic lot and seems the most politically gifted as well. I think we all need to keep an eye on this guy and I predict that he just may pick up steam in the primaries. What he does have going for him is the following:

1. He is a Rhodes Scholar and quick on his feet verbally - and let's face it, there's some people in this field who really trip over their own statements, (Trump, lol). Buttigieg would trounce them…
2. He is politically connected and well-liked by Obama and by other powerful liberal families, (Kennedys).
3. At his young age, he's poised to capture the large Millennial voter block (at least among Dems. and possibly Independents) - and he's playing the generational aspect to the hilt.
4. He has already made disparaging remarks about Pence and Trump - so he's not afraid to "go low".
5. He fits in neatly with the socialist democratic mantra that's sweeping the party right now – Medicare-For-All, Everything FREE!!, (apparently, he was a big fan early in his career of the Bernie Sanders)
6.'s the BIG one - he's openly Gay! Yes! GAY!!! (SHOCK!). (I mean, sure... he's a white guy, but the gay part cancels out his toxic male whiteness and gives him bonus points on top, for some groups. It's so hard to keep up with the social justice warriors (SJW) "rules" these days, but I do believe that on the hierarchy of special identity groups, a gay man, of any race, is still very highly favored, and possibly even above a straight white woman. And. let's face it, folks, after the Jussie Smollett fiasco, the LGBT crowd really needs someone to rally around!)

BTW, I am only half-joking here. So unless Buttigieg messes up spectacularly in the coming months, I wouldn't be surprised to see him remaining on the national stage even if he's not on the ticket for 2020. Do not be surprised if this guy ends up at least a VP candidate on someone else's ticket, such as a Harris-Buttagieg team…? Woman of color + gay man? Can you imagine…? The left will be swooning over the "optics" alone! More likely, Buttigieg would end up as a Cabinet member in an ultimate Democrat Administration. After all, I often feel like the Progressives are more focused on the identity politics than the actual salient issues and realistic proposals since they love those "firsts" more than anything!

So, it is probably safe to assume that neither the real youngsters of O’Rourke or Buttigieg will be running against Trump due to their youth. I also think other global leaders would think the same and would possibly be emboldened to attempt to test or take advantage of them. Therefore, I believe candidates for POTUS need to be more “seasoned”, as well as "tested" in some manner by their prior life experience before even thinking that they have a chance to become POTUS. That seasoning may be in the form of strong government experience, (Mayor, Governor, Senator, Representative or even a D.A. prosecutor, etc.), or a military background with actual battlefield experience, or some form of proven executive-level success in private industry (and particularly in a rough & tumble type industry)... but something at least that provided the candidate with a certain flinty toughness and “street credibility”. (and NOT Donald Trump’s shady business dealings, cheating Architects, Engineers, Contractors in his Real Estate projects, then declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying all together….)


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