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I'm not an M badge hater (have owned a few over the decades) and I don't believe that the MXXX cars are diluting the M brand. I'm also not a huge fan of debaging cars regardless the reason

That said I simply don't like the look of the M before the 340 and if all 340's are M340's I don't feel the added M decoration serves any purpose of differentiating the car from the other G20 340's on the road so I'm going to ditch it. Just want to be left with a clean 340 emblem like I have now.

XDrive is going away as well, but that's probably more of an obvious choice.

Anyhoo I know there is not a right or wrong answer here (hold on I don't think I was seeking out an answer haha) and this is a million percent subjective so just sharing my intentions, that's all.
I feel like you are obsessing over something silly. If you don't approve of them "diluting the M brand" why are you buying one? You think you're sticking it to BMW by removing a letter? If BMW starts calling the X1 the "M8 GTR" it's an M8 GTR whether you like it or not.
Lol. Right!! What does it say on the live cockpit display??? M340i. Guess he's getting that coded out???
I'll put that on my to do list but probably start with removing the m stripes from the key fob and then work my way from there :-)

Didnt realize this would evoke such passion from some but it's classic we've gone from...dear lord never ever put an m badge on a none m car to the new reality "don't touch that m badge" pretty funny really

Guess that little M badge just generates emotion on all sides :-)

Anyhoo too cluttered for me and my car will not have one - reading between the lines (cough cough) sounds like some of you will be leaving yours on and to that I say bravo
Right on!

Nah, I don't have an opinion one way or the other. But I do find it entertaining...

Badge or no badge it's the same vehicle.
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