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Originally Posted by secretanchitman View Post
Renaming products might not reduce costs but it will simplify their lineup. Mercedes used to have different models (E/CLK, S/CL, GLK, ML) but now it’s all same. Audi still keeps it separate but that’s another story!
While it is true that Mercedes recently consolidated their two-door, four-seat products into the E and S model lineups (and introduced two new ones in the C model lineup), they also kept the CL* names for the "four door coupe" products. So, while they removed two nameplates - the CLK and CL - they had added the CLA and CLS just a few years earlier. And there is still the possibility of a CLC or CLE four door coupe joining the lineup. This would leave them essentially where BMW is today as far as passenger car model count, the distinction being that their two door models are grouped with sedans instead of the four door coupes (which, frankly, makes less sense in my opinion). However, they would indeed have fewer SUV model names (but still no fewer actual models) since their SUV "coupes" are combined with the standard SUVs ("GLC Coupe", "GLE Coupe"). Incidentally, the GLK and ML weren't removed; they were simply renamed GLC and GLE.

I still would like the lineup trimmed down regardless of sales and ease of building off a platform.
Well, as noted in the article (and elsewhere previously) you will get your wish. Many models are being removed from the lineup. But four door coupes and four door SUV coupes aren't going anywhere soon since both are seen as growth opportunities, at least for the time being. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see four door coupes slowly push traditional sedans out over the next 10 to 15 years.