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Wrong on all accounts, the 340 is faster and handles better than the C43 and taking them to the track will be even worse for the C43. Just so you know the C43 is not a real AMG either in the same way the M340i is not a real M3. However, both are direct competitors and one happens to sound better, looks is subjective so we won't get into that. The fact is the 3 series wins in performance. lol at C43 set up to be a sport car, who knew ....joke of the day.
Just saying a C43 is closer to the sportier older brother vs Mperformance product and real M cars... Hell they don't even use the same chassis model anymore between the 2 and there is a reason for that.

Did you drive them ? I've tried a C63 which is a real AMG, and then a C43... you could tell there were similarities...

If you try an M3 then a 340... then it's not the same car at all ... Maybe i'm extrapolating while I've driven a G20 it wasn't a 340 (and obviously there is no G80 M3 out yet either but i bet i'd drive completely different from the base G20 again... i really hope at least) ... but i se nothing BMW has done to change what they have done before regarding M(arketing) performances products.

I'm more in phase with what they've seen here
M340i is essentially really just a 340i with an M-Sport package. Not a bad thing, as its a great improvement from the F30 but yeah, the M badge really just stands for Marketing, don't let it sway your expectations that you'll be getting an "M3 Lite." It drives like a faster 330i with less feedback coming through the steering wheel (M340 has the old steering rack, 330 gets the new one). This review I thought is pretty reasonably similar to what we're talking about.

Test drive a C300 and C43 and it feels like two different cars. The 43 gets more from the 63 in regards to how it drives and feels on the road. Mercedes makes some decent sports cars today - who would have thought we'd have been able to say that years ago! - the C43, E53 and CLS53, even the GLC43 are really good cars, and in reality, thats better for us, the enthusiast, more choices in the market!
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