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Vladimir Putin is the man. Despite some of some of his shortcomings as a leader and personal morality which sometimes drives his political platforms, he is an effective, charismatic, popular and still widely supported by the Russian people, don't let western media fool you on that. From him, you get no bullshit, no surprises. He says what he does and does what he says. Political factions who disagree with him test this for the West because they know it will offend our liberal, politically correct sensibilities and draw ire on Putin.

If you watch is rationalizations on policy, whether foreign, domestic, economic, etc. it is well thought through and logical.

During his tenure as president, the buying power of the average Russian grew significantly. Many of the elderly were provided new housing, free of charge because their Khrushchev issued apartments were dilapidated.

As a President, he maintains Russia's legitimacy and strength, again, irrespective of what the media in the US says.

Putin has my support.