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Originally Posted by e90335e36m3 View Post
I think it's blatant hypocrisy to hold Putin and other leaders to different standards than we our own government.

The same can be said of most any leader, of any country, at any time, including our own. It's the way of the world. He is protecting Russian interests globally. He's just not as concerned with hiding his motivations or creating the appearance of propriety like our Presidents. Your perspective will always be biased if you take at face value everything our government and media says with respect to foreign policy.

The police in Russia uphold the rule of law no different than our own police do. The accusations of police brutality are levied against our police no different than the Russian police. Actually, the Obama administration declared open season against all law enforcement. Before you say it's legitimized by Putin, look at everything the US government legitimizes against our own people (NSA spying and the like).

Have we invaded foreign countries for no good reason? Yes. Iraq. Look up the Project for the New American Century. Following 9/11, this think tank's key objective was to establish military and strategic positioning to maintain our hegemony in key theaters, including Middle East, China. Signatories included Rumsfeld and Cheney. We invaded Iraq for oil and its strategic position next to China. Let's be serious and not legitimize it by saying we were primarily motivated by eradicating terrorism.

If you must know, the populace of Crimea is primarily Russian, not Ukrainian, and overwhelmingly supported rejoining Russia. Our policy towards Russia is always aggression. It was that way in Cuba, Ukraine, so on and so forth.

What about our efforts to install a missile defense system in Poland? Certainly that's to protect us from strikes in the Middle East and not as aggression towards and protection from Russia, right?

Again, our leadership is simply better at hiding its subversion of the law. Our presidents are no cleaner and or more ethical than Putin, they just create a better cloak of moral rectitude through an orchestrated campaign.
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