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Originally Posted by CrownRoyal79 View Post
Let me start by saying I don't like the Rain-X that you rub onto the windshield. In my experience it causes streaks and sometimes it makes the wiper blades skip across the windshield. The last time I used it was 15+ years ago so maybe it's gotten better.

I love the Rain-X washer fluid because it applies itself every time you spray your windshield. You just keep the tank full and forget about it. It works wonders in heavy rain. In situations where you would have near zero visibility, it allows you to see perfectly. It makes the car much safer to drive.

I've used the orange Rain-X washer fluid religiously on all my cars for many years and never had a problem. This includes 3 years on a leased F36. But now, some people are warning that using this type of washer fluid will ruin the sensor in the reservoir tank, leading to costly repair bills.

Does anybody here have any first or second hand knowledge about this? Like myself, has anybody else used this in their BMW's in the past without having any problems?
Yes, it ruins our washer sensor. I used Rain-X for years on various vehicles (Lexus/Toyota/Honda/Mazda) and had no issues. So I never thought twice about using it my car.

Now my "Low Washer Fluid" warning remains on, even though the reservoir is full. I will never use Rain-X again. I have only had my car for 7 months. I should have researched before using