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Autumn -19 i discovered cracks in one of my tail lights, last week i discovered all four tail lights has cracks on my 320d -16
googled it and discovered that this has been an huge problem and many have got new ones on warranty. it seems like it is from the face lift models it starts, somewhere around -16
Now when warranty ran out BMW claims i have washed my car with to strong degreasing that is not suitable for cars and refuse to give me new ones as a goodwill.
i think it it ridicilous claiming washing of can BMW tell me what is wrong when my car brokes if they havent been transparant with it from the beginning whit the risks and wrote down washing instructions in the user manual..... and of course i only use car products!
Also the cracks starts from the inside and out...I have never seen anyone wash their tail lights from the inside.

Strange how it can be a manufacturing problem within the warranty and after it run out it suddenly is an user issue....

Buying new original tail lights here in sweden cost if i convert it to dollars 1478$, since they are 4 years old and BMW put the head in the sand i can only assume that annual cost of my car will be 370$/year just in tail lights... That is higher than the service of the whole car! Total economy driving this beemer is extremely high

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