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Originally Posted by brewman63 View Post
Just curious, I have a 2019 X3 I got last March and my wife got a 2018 330 last May. My ConnectedDrive app has worked flawlessly from Day One ( knock on wood) while hers had problems one month in. Repeated trips to the dealer, working with BMW corporate, etc. they finally agreed to exchange her vehicle for a different one. This one also had problems with ConnecredDrive but not to the same extent as the original car. I realize the software is specific to the model but since the problems seem to be with overall connectivity why has mine worked perfectly and hers given her so many problems? I would think the underlying technology would be the same.
That's nuts. Yes, it's a software issue, and virtually guaranteed to not be hardware related/specific to that one vehicle.

To be honest, the average BMW representative (whether at the dealer, at customer relations, or a "Genius") is a total idiot when it comes to iDrive software and updates. It's amazing how disconnected and in the dark they are. Therefore, I'm not shocked that BMW would rather replace the vehicle rather than clog their resources with your "problematic" vehicle.

BMW should poach folks from Tesla or a software company to fix iDrive and Connected Drive functionality, as well as establish a better infrastructure for how software integrates into the BMW strategy. Even 1 year after the G20 launched with iDrive 7, it's still a total shit show.