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Bought my C6 Z51 new and still itís taken care of very well but itís not babied and fawned over. I keep it garaged, cleaned and waxed and mechanically in tip top shape, door dings are avoided at most costs which annoys the wife at times but thatís ok, she gets over it but the car has high performance work done and itís not babied at all, the car gets driven as a sports car should be, hard.

I donít drive it in snow or winter conditions with salt and sand on the roads, not often has it been caught in downpours but thatís ok, we have other vehicles for those times and the 135 is a very fine DD for me. I just like to take car of my stuff and gives me pleasure when people say that the Vette looks brand new.

So no, I donít agree with you, I enjoy mine thinking about what Iím going to tinker with, what maint needs to taken care of, what work to improve handling and perf, where Iím going to drive to next weekend and I enjoy it even more when I hit the start button and that LS Mechanical V8 symphony roars to life.
I enjoy it all.
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