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Originally Posted by Fuller View Post
Sure, except the post you had quoted and responded to in such a harsh manner seemed fairly reasonable. He only stated that he has a hard time considering Alfa products due to their bad track record concerning reliability. I don't think this is completely unwarranted or unreasonable.

Alfa might be addressing these issues, and maybe that reputation is no longer deserved. It'll be difficult, though, for alfa to completely disown that reputation in the US market due to their checkered past. Combine that with a still spotty dealer network, less availability of parts, and the Giulia's highly competitive market segment, and they have their work cut out for them.

In all fairness bmw doesn't have the best reputation where reliability is concerned either. Look at the issues people were having (and I think are still having to some degree) with the g20 software bugs. Had that been the 2019 Giulia, everyone would be citing it as evidence of poor quality and reliability. Bmw, however, does have a well established dealer network (not all good though), and plenty of independent garages capable of repairing and maintaining their cars. That gives bmw owners some peace of mind that Alfa drivers don't share in many regions throughout the US. There are also plenty of options regarding bmw OEM and after market parts, where as with Alfa, it seems like waiting for the required parts is more likely to require weeks.

Beyond that though, I think many people here praise the Giulia, even if not with the same fanaticism that they reserve for the model 3. I think fiat will benefit the Alfa brand the most by getting more Alfa badged cars on the street. Time and aggressive price reductions seem to be helping, as I definitely see more Giulias on the road today, than I have in the few years since it's been released. That trend has to continue though, or else the dealer network will remain spotty, and their reputation will continue to fight an uphill battle. Increasing numbers of happy motorists, driving attractive, classy Giulias are what's needed.
Very well articulated response.