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There are countless factors that goes into car buying, it boggles my mind what these trolls hope to accomplish by forcing their agenda on others. Choosing a car for some of us is akin to selecting a spouse. Countless person factors goes into the selection. There's no point in trying to tell someone who have already chosen a G20 that they made the ill informed decision because somehow the Tesla, Genesis, Alfa, Mercedes etc are all better than the G20. It is borderline insulting.
Agree with your observations.

Motor magazine comparisons can also be so limited, when we widen out to the full ownership experience, which most of us do.

We have the same issues over here in the UK. Motor mags' will rate models for the 'dynamic' driving experience. We've had it with the Jaguar and Alfa, rated for 'slightly better' driving experience than the BMW. What about the wider picture, such as ownership costs and long term experience? Even the (flawed to some) F3x models set the benchmark for many users. The money gets spent on the BMW, as the 'total package' is best suited to ownership.

The G20 has upped the bar. The competition, even if examples are better in some areas of the driving experience, can't compete with the real world demands of many users, which BMW does tend to fulfil so much better.
Agreed. The Jaguar might be a better drive but the package as a whole fails miserably. Poor sales of these Jaguar sedans and their reputation for rubbish reliability and after sales support, speak volumes.
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