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The Carrera S running a 11.2 was also very impressive for a RWD car... then again they are like 140-150k now with basic options which is kind of absurd for a base model 911.

impressed with the DBS top end, that thing was HAULING after the 1/4 mile.
Carrera (non S) is the base model and starts at $97,400. The S can easily be had with a few key options for the $125,000 range.

The prices of those other cars are pretty ridiculous too. And Porsche still has markedly better build quality than Merc or BMW. You can see the attention to detail. I'd be happy to own any 911, even a base no option Carrera as long as it had a manual.
Considering the M8 is a good 50-60k more than the C2S in the US but only performs mildly better in the quarter mile (not sure how they compare on the track), I think that's pretty decent pricing for a Porsche.
The M8 starts at $133k and the carerra s starts at $113k so only a $20k difference in base price. And if you know anything about Porsche you know the option list is longggg and expensive and to get it equipped comparably to an M8 you are probably looking at about the same cost in the end.
I was comparing the M8C. I assumed that's the one forum members were discussing since everyone neglects the base model of M cars.
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