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Originally Posted by IZAGLO View Post
We all have favorites in cars, beer and wine..and should be judged by category not i like Pinot's better than Chardonnay which is ok for personal preferences but not ok for judging what is good in that category or varietal. No need to compare Silver Oak to Turning leaf Pinot Grigio or PIlsner Urquell to Guinness Stout, or a Hyundai Eleganti to a Veyron..Stouts should be judged against other Stouts and favorites picked per category..and of course we can favorites. I may not be fond of Pilsners but certainly after drinking quite a few can pick out the ones i like. Experience comes from tasting, lot's of it as i do daily as a past owner of my own 2 liquor stores for 20 years and now head manager and wine buyer for a very good wine and beer store here in NJ. I love beer as well as was the main buyer for beer for many many years. My current store has one of the best beer selections in NJ and wine as well. If anyone needs anything or some great deals on wines, beer or liquor feel free to hit me up. I can give some good pricing to forum members....the 1Addicts Liquor Discount LOL

Where is your store located?
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