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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
Maybe an admin can reply?

I used to be able to post images and youtube links on my phone by manually inserting [u2b][/u2b], etc.

On the app, whenever an http link is inserted it automatically inserts [url]~ for you so its a broken message. Ive seen other posts on here with the similar problem. Is there a way around this? Do i get rid of the http address and only put a part of the link address?

Please let me know. Thanks.
I've noticed the same behavior -- when you initially post a URL or YouTube vid, you do not need to include the tags, just the URL itself. The problems arise when you try to edit your post (or quote someone elses post with a URL), at that point it will be wrapped with [URL] tags, if you simply save your edit, it will get jacked up with double-tags. So the solution there is to remove the tags from the entire post before submitting the change. See if that works for you.