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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
That's because now its a pissing contest between the 3 premium manufactures about who sells more

Doesn't matter if you're making good cars or not.
It doesn't matter that BMW is now imitating audi (a4/a5 split, using Sline (M badge on every model) as a marketing trick, a5 sport back is behind grand coupe etc )
You're just shifting boxes, hence the "product" usage

Sad but true
BMW is not catering to its old school fan base
It's now trying to cater to the Chinese market, and sell more cars (fwd? Wtf!)
And before you tell me it's a buisness, it's natural to try to sell more cars
Well how come for the past 30 years or so, no one came up with the bright idea to stick M badges on every model, and to stick with the rwd platform, and not make seventeen different models of the same line
4 series brand coupe : 5 door hatchback of a 2 door version of a 4 door sedan?

Please don't sell us the line that you're making exciting "products"
You're selling out very rule in the BMW rule book, one by one
No M SUV, no diesel M, no turbo charging M, no fwd etc
I will reply in due course but this is no longer 2000.
The landscape for the entire automobile industry has progressed extensively.
Either manufacturers adapt? or disappear.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...