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In 2000 the top spec 328i stickered for a little under $45k optioned up. I had one for a while, it was a good but not great car if I'm totally honest. Servicable, and better than anything else in the segment yes, but not exactly memorable or collection worthy.
Today I can buy a 320i that outperforms it in every way for LESS money, with a ton more equipment, and a bunch of features that were unheard of in 2000. It even weighs a little less (i know, i weighed them)

Compare the core competency now to then and it's still there, just different, and you have to cut through about 50 layers of marketing bullcrap to find it, but it's there and with more options than we have ever had before on this side of the ocean.

Whiners don't guide decisions, people who show up and spend money do.

Mitsu stuck to its guns and is nearly defunct. The evo, M2, diesel stick rear drive Wagon, etc. ddoes not pay the bills when the peoplewho want them are fringe lunatics like all of us on this site