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I'm trying to make sense of what people are saying and this is my 2c/pence worth

BMW seem to be going for market share which is understandable, but exclusivity in their principles was what made them special. I'm not sure it is possible to have an exclusive popular brand, that seems to be an illusion at best and oxymoronic at worst.

The trouble for a lot of fans is that the genericness of this new popular approach is that the other end of the brand is being eroded too, M now means modified not what it used to. I actually find the i models more exciting, at least they are different to anything else on the market... But how long will it be before we get hybrid sport trims like i228 I-sport?

I get the need to compete with Audi, but imitating them is not the way. VW group have high value brands like Porsche and Lamborghini to fall back on, and halo supercars. BMW has nothing of the sort except M... Which from the days of the E36 have been stickered more and more onto regular models.

Maybe it's time for something above M?

PS the X1 is nowhere near as good looking as the F31 in my view and I'd take the 3 series any day