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Please don't sell us the line that you're making exciting "products"
You're selling out very rule in the BMW rule book, one by one
No M SUV, no diesel M, no turbo charging M, no fwd etc
The Rules have changed 10 years ago BMW only had the. M3 and M5 but the market had grown to an extent that customers wanted Performance SUVs. Porsche broke that rule when it discovered there is a market for a high Performance SUV.
Growth markets responded to such concepts that the X6 M outsells the other M models in many important markets and is considered by M as a " Volume seller".
The next growth segment will be high performance of the mid-entry and compact segments. These choices will be determined by sales response to the New BMW X4 and. X1 respectively before given the green light.

In Europe many countries have high taxation and fuel costs on high performance vehicles. The M Performance brand was brought in to combat that by offering customers high performance but without high taxation or fuel costs.
The M Performance brand is successful because it combats these issues respectively it also allows BMW M to include the aspects normally not considered for an M vehicle such as Diesel and All Wheel Drive. These are actually demanded by M customers in Europe for future vehicles.
This is not just about North America. M is in other markets as well.

Yes they did say that , but then the legislation on emissions requested on auto manufacturers changed the rulesfor everyone. BMW M. Had to progress and to make their vehicles compatible had to resort to Turbo charging to reach emission targets. If they did not do this M would not exist for Road cars any longer.

This will only feature with models shared with MINI.
The market has progressed and no manufacturer can overlook growth especially in emerging and existing markets. Premium compact cars in Europe have decimated volume selling compact cars in a huge segment that is entirely significant to any premium manufacturer. In segments you have to win you have to competitive. These segments are not about high performance this is purely about the car for specific needs but a car with image and desirability.
To win sales this car must be competitive in each respective segment a vehicle like the Active Tourer as an example needs to compete in an ordain segment it has to be competitive in interior space and it has to stand out amongst other vehicles which although in appearance are completely ordinary are still competitive.

There is customers waiting for a vehicle like the Active Tourer and there will be customers that want the Active Tourer. But the philosophy continues just as BMW conceived the X5. A vehicle that is more closer and directed to the road than any other in the segment but every bit as competitive in areas that matter most in that segment.

I have previously mentioned all this before but people still refuse to accept that it is not the company that defines these choices but the progress of the entire industry and the customer. BMW is a progressive brand because they accept responsibility and they set out to find solutions for the issues that matter and are urgent. BMW is Independent because they understand the need to progress and adapt. It is then up to the customer if they will progress and adapt and some of you will not because you long for those years in the past. A time which cannot exist now due to the changes in all demographics.

BMWs success is down to the development and progression of the brand.
Premium desirability is as important as ever , as is image and the force to innovate. BMW have retained these qualities within each vehicle as each vehicle leads that respective segment.

In Munich there is a saying "we know what they are doing because we have done or are doing it" it was by Norbert Reithofer the BMW CEO referring to a competitor who are following with the same vehicle product lines because they are the key to future growth , customer requirements and progress.

Everything happens because of progress. Not just one mans decision.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...