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Just picked up DXO 11 Elite to add to my workflow for especially noisy shots. Going to be doing some research for tips and tutorials.

dcstep I know you are a big proponent of this software, which was a large part of my decision to buy it. Definitely would love to hear your thoughts.

If anyone has any links to useful/good DXO 11 tutorials (right now I am mainly interested in using the NR in the best way possible, to process my Milky Way shot from Death Valley). It just seems like Lightroom is butchering it no matter what I do, so I am hoping the NR in DXO 11 is going to do some magic for me in this regard.

I still plan to use Lightroom for organization and all the other stuff, so any tips on best ways to combine both LR and DXO in one workflow are also welcome.