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Originally Posted by GoHokiesGo View Post
Have any of you guys had metal prints created before? (not metallic paper, but the actual sheet metal plots)

I have a few landscapes that I'd like to have large prints made from ~20x30 to 24x36 or so, but I can't decide on the finish to choose. They offer the glossy white surface they can print on or the translucent sheer finish where you see the metal a bit. I have a few samples prints from Bay Photo that were a couple years old, but I really can't decide on which surface finish to pick.

Costco even offers metal prints now too!
I use BayPhoto for MetalPrints. For vivid landscapes, they look amazing. I prefer the glossy, but you can order a sample pack of five 12x8 MetalPrints which will give you each finish to see in person.

Not familiar with CostCo metal prints, but I love CostCo and will check it out too.

Edit: Just re-read and saw that you have some samples, so you probably already knew this