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Originally Posted by Pic18 View Post
I think looking at the F90 as an example, along with statements I have read by BMW stating they were looking to speed up the introductions of M versions, MY2020 is a very good possibility.

If BMW releases the new X3M this summer/fall, one yr after the release of the G01, we should definitely get the G80 within one yr after the release of the G20.
I'd say that's reasonable conjecture.

For the M3, the questions are:

- Will it share front end exterior parts with the G82 M4, which in turn shares exterior parts with the G22 4 Series, and will that mean it won't debut until after those vehicles do?

- Will BMW wait until the prior generation M4 is off the market (F83 M4 ends production 10/20 according to current info) before introducing the next generation M3?

With past generations, the answer to those questions has always been a firm "yes". However, with competition heating up, the formula may very well have changed. We've already seen the F90 M5 debut while the prior generation F06/F12 M6 is still on the market, for example. The G80 M3 may similarly arrive while the F82/F83 M4 are still in production as well.