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Originally Posted by jhanksevo View Post
Like I said this is laughable. You guys have your opinions and I have mine I'm sure there are no 7 foot guys in that era who has game like Kevin Durant. No 6 8 guys who have game like LeBron. Name 10 superstars of the 90s I'll name from 2000s. Jordan would not avg. 50 a game stop it..
Kds height counts for nothing he just gets hammered and then suffers a season ending injury
He's way too frail got that era of physical play
LeBron might have been ok , but the lack of a real jump shot and limited post game would make him easy to coral towards help defense
It's not about shooting, which really what most players today make a name for themselves with
It's fundamentals, foot work , bball iq that's lacking
Take Draymond for example , will he ever hope to make an all nba defense team in the 80s? Let alone win dpoy
So your best defender in the league last year was Draymond and he is a below avg defender in the era in which Jordan played. And you still don't think MJ would avg 50
Come on man