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Originally Posted by ANP202 View Post
So a lot of people think that G80 M3 will not be released until 2022 or beyond but here is why I think it may actually come next year as 2020 model. Things are changing rapidly in today’s world and there is no reason why automotive industry should be exception to this since product cycles are getting shorter and companies are able to retool significantly faster than in the past. Also while it may be unprecedented for M sedan/coupe of different generations to be sold side by side that is certainly not the case with regular 3 series, with e46 coupe being sold along e90 sedan and e92 coupe sold along F30. Spy shots too point to 2020 being a possibility since spy shots for F80 M3 first started appearing in mid 2013 and car actually going on sale in 2014 as ‘15 model. We already saw spy shots for G80 M3 and many auto sites keep referring to it as 2020 G80 M3. Just my thoughts and observations, please do share yours.
Scott in another thread said that the debut is set for 2019 IAA which is September of next year. With the past as a guide that would mean you can buy one summer 2020.