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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
His satff, his decisions. It could have been the last straw. So what?
We get it, youíre a Buckeye homer...but to blindly defend a man who maintained a professional relationship for nearly a decade with another man whom he knew had a history of abusing his wife (at least once while she was pregnant) is pretty low. I donít care how many other people knew, Meyerís refusal to act until the story was about to blow up nationwide is inexcusable.

We are talking about someone in a position of power in which parents entrust him to teach their sons more than just the Xís and Oís of football, but supposedly how to become good men. How can he look any parent (especially those who also have daughters) in the eye from this point and claim to do that with any credibility?

Yeah, yeah...we know...not everything is black and white. Youíve run that cliche into the ground. But the fact remains that some things are, and spousal abuse is one of them. You can trot out all the examples of similar cases you like, Iíd be embarrassed to have a man with this lack of character representing my alma mater, I donít care how many games he won.