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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
I expect Meyer / OSU still need to explain why Smith didn't get fired sooner if Meyer and OSU knew about the problem, since he was fired when the problem became widely reported. Either he deserved to be fired or he didn't. So Meyer / OSU may still look like someone covered up for Smith until it couldn't cover up any longer. On top of that, Meyer also didn't explain that he lied on media day until he was backed into a corner and needed to admit it. So I suspect more to come. Maybe OSU will find a sacrificial lamb to resolve the mess.
There is reason why this wasn't widely reported and why Smith wasn't fired until recently. Zach Smith is the grandson of Earle Bruce, old coach of Ohio St. Very early in Meyer's coaching career, he worked on Bruce's staff in 86 and 87. A long relationship formed. Well what do you know, Meyer put Bruce's grandson on the Ohio St staff after the two talked. Now they need to dig deeper, did that personal relationship help Smith maintain his job after multiple claims of spousal abuse. Also was Smith conveniently easier to fire because of Bruce's death just a couple months ago.