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Originally Posted by JamesWWIII View Post
Oh, so there are only two possibilities for a college football coach, sleazeball or saint? No spectrum of morality in between, as exists for every other profession on the planet?

Now who is the one dealing in black/white binary thinking?
Lmao, on the contrary... you're the one who wants a incorruptible person. I'm just saying, everyone is flawed. Urban did what he thought was the best at the time.

Originally Posted by hellrotm View Post
There is reason why this wasn't widely reported and why Smith wasn't fired until recently. Zach Smith is the grandson of Earle Bruce, old coach of Ohio St. Very early in Meyer's coaching career, he worked on Bruce's staff in 86 and 87. A long relationship formed. Well what do you know, Meyer put Bruce's grandson on the Ohio St staff after the two talked. Now they need to dig deeper, did that personal relationship help Smith maintain his job after multiple claims of spousal abuse. Also was Smith conveniently easier to fire because of Bruce's death just a couple months ago.

The personal relationship obviously helped Smith retain a job. And that was Urban's flaw, his loyalty.

My point is, he was in a lose lose situation. He is close to a flawed person and his employment was partially linked to how he treated this person. I cannot judge without being honest to myself. My best friend is flawed, he's sitting in jail right now as I type this...but he's still my friend. If I can help him get a job, I'll still put my reputation on the line to help him.
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