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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
Now we suck huh? What piece of shit football program do you support? It's so easy to tell everyone else they suck without disclosing your loyalties, bc we should have a discussion about the saints that coaches and plays on your team.
Would be a short discussion, because none of the coaches on my team have been accused of spousal abuse, and our head coach has never maintained a 9-year working relationship with an assistant who has. See, my university and our football program value certain things above winning. But we get it, youíre a typical Suckeye fan who couldnít care less about how many pregnant women get choked out by your teamís coaches, just as long as you get to keep bragging about success on the field. Youíre no better than the Penn State fans who rallied behind Joe Paterno.

Despicable. But please, keep trying to deflect attention from the misdeeds at OSU by constantly bringing up other programs. You forgot to mention glass houses in your latest poor attempt at a defense.