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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I think this is one of the only articles that doesn't say China will win outright in an invasion of Taiwan.
It really comes down to how one defines "win" or "victory".

If winning means the decimation of Taiwan as we know it, then I have no doubt in my mind that the PLA can achieve that.

However, logic dictates that a military & political "win" for Beijing would mean being able to invade Taiwan for the purposes of incorporating Taiwan into the PRC.
To that end, victory is a lot more difficult.
A full-scale combat at the current stage would still leave P.R. China with a broken nose and some knocked out teeth.

If victory means that Beijing and the PLA expects to march into Taipei and capture the Presidential Building after eliminating a few divisions of resistance and with little-to-no collateral damage (i.e., civilians, infrastructure, shared historical heritage such as the relics of the Palace Museum), then they are in for a tough one.
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