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Originally Posted by RichM50d View Post
I stand by what I say. Put Hamilton in one of the other cars, and let’s see what he can do. That would be interesting to see.
This is some red neck racing comment. Seems like a purely stubborn refusal to acknowledge his accomplishments.

If it isn't the team, then it's the car, meanwhile if Lewis was loosing, no one would rephrase that to say...
Well it's Lewis, because he has the best car...
Well the team did it's job so it's got to be Lewis who sucks ass...

Bro, the car doesn't drive itself, it isn't a drone. Good drivers like Lewis don't get the seat they have by luck. And good teams don't pick inferior talent just to prove the best car can win. Put me in Hamilton's car and watch me get stomped by the pace car. Lewis can drive, period.

Formula 1 is a competition based on a trilogy of factors, Team, Car and Driver. The most important being the driver.
Lewis is the man, congratulations to him and the fact that he has wound up in the best seat with the best team just shows how he has a good head to make great decisions, of which said decision making allows him to drive well in all conditions.

Look at the decision Ferrari made sending the cars out on wet tires...when the track was dry...MB went with slicks...the weather held for about 8 minutes. By the time Ferrari put on slicks it was raining, MB and Red Bull had already put in the fastest laps of Q3, which yielded Lewis pole....Formula 1 is chess.
MB and their champion driver are Bobby Fischer while Ferrari is fumbling with checkers. Even Red Bull I dare say is making better decisions to help their driver. One hand washes the other.