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Originally Posted by yco View Post
probably the champ didnt come the way he wanted by winning race but its great to see him won it.. he won by being incredibly consistent.. just like a real champ.. he has guts to make more..

for Vettel.. for his career he did say something key for himself and his abilities when he moved to Ferrari.. he said something like he was doubting he s abilities before coming to Ferrari.. after Hockenheim seems he started to do the same thing.. doubting.. that hurt him so badly in rest of the season especially in wet.. it can be felt easily how not sure his driving was.. never seen a 4 times world champion falls into such doubts.. 4 time is a big number of being champ.. while F1 had narrow rear wings i wasnt watching that much cause i grew up with Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher.. yeah Hakkinen was my favourite but when you compare 2 times of Hakkinen drives and 4 times of Vettel.. things are not fitting.. i believe if Vettel cant win next year, he ll quit and do things like he says he likes to do staying at home and fixing things.. F1 is really really hard..
I understand and agree with much of what you said. This is the 3rd time that VET has been seen off by another driver in cars of similar performance. This happened with RIC while he was still at RBR before he escaped and was welcomed into the warm embrace of The Scuderia and now, vs the GOAT, Lewi5 Hamilton. I can't see him surviving past next season at Ferrari if this performance, or lack thereof, continues. His wounds are self-inflicted making them exponentially worse. To paraphrase ALO, "His championships are looking even more questionable now."
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