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Interesting thread.

I have a dual 24" 1920x1200 setup at work. Unlike most people with dual monitors, I use both in the portrait orientation. My rationale for this is that I rarely need more than 1200px of horizontal resolution and thus almost never have to scroll horizontally, while nearly everything I do requires vertical scrolling (or would if I only had 1200px of vertical resolution).

I have been thinking about switching to a single 43" 3840x2160 monitor. This would essentially give me three 1280x2160 monitors side-by-side, increasing my available space by over 50%. It would also mean that on those occasions when I want to view a spreadsheet with tons of columns, I can use all the space without any bezel in the way.

My hesitation is that the size of the pixels of my current monitors is perfect. I've thought instead about buying a cheap 49" 4K TV (there are no 49" monitors to my knowledge) which would give me just a slightly higher pixel density than what I have. But my co-workers already think I'm weird for having two vertical monitors - they'd probably think I was completely insane with a 49" TV on my desk.

Anyway OP, coming back to your question, I'm not sure if they make gaming-specific 43" 4K monitors, but if they do it would give you more screen real-estate than both of your listed options. Maybe the best of both worlds in some ways?