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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Please leave Alonso out of the discussion; as tremendous as he is behind the wheel, he is equally tremendously BAD at picking when to move to different teams. He's star crossed.

As for HAM I also have to disagree. Yes Mclaren was hot when he first came on board. But a couple of years later they were struggling, to the point that Hamilton opted to move to another well-funded but struggling team -- Mercedes. He took that mid-pack car and put it on the pole, raising his teammate Rosberg's performance level at the same time. The first year the car tended to slide back through the field during the race so he did not score the big win counts and ended up bashing wheels mid-pack. But it's hard to argue against the premise that Hamilton's arrival transformed MB into a top tier team.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the the best drivers I have seen in over 40 years of watching F1. I started following it back when guys like Jimmy Clark and Jackie Stewart were racing. Senna had magic but was not consistent. Schumacher was brilliant but also very lucky, plus he played dirty on track which to me takes him straight out of contention as one of the great drivers. (Vettel doesn't make the list at all.)

I feel fortunate to have been alive during the time that one of the all-time greatest F1 drivers did his driving. That is not to say I don't want to see him challenged! But it is a joy to watch him do his job on track.

Off track is another story...
Is the 40+ years comment supposed to convince me to adopt your point of view? Sorry.

And I'm pretty sure Alonso didn't "pick" when to change teams.