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Originally Posted by R3dliner View Post
I'm a MSI whore but ASUS is definitely a contender for the price.
Personally I think the i9 is overkill for gaming. i7 8700 series should be plenty enough.

I am also an MSI whore but only for thier GPUS. Motherboards I still trust Gigabyte. Yeah the Gigabyte BIOS UI is abit of a pain but you will eventually get familiar with it.

I would much rather take a 9700k over a 8700k as it has the Spectre and Meltdown hardware fix not found on the 8700k. And coming from a 6700k which has hyperthreading and using a 9700k now with no hyperthreading, I do not find any loss. Reviews have also confirmed that 9700k runs a bit faster than the 9900k due to better latency. Plus the 9900k is a pain to overclock while containing the heat. I would however recommend the 9900k if you do other content creation or game and stream at the same time.

I have my 9700k at 5Ghz across all cores at 1.34V and I get max gaming temps of under 70 degrees and Prime95 tops up at 82 degrees max on my H150i cooler. Doubt I will be sharing the same sentiment with the 9900k.

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