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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
That's fair, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond as it gives me other points to consider.

Speaking of political indifference, not only did I use to be that way, but a number of people I knew were also that way. However, up here, over the past few years, I've become rather annoyed with politicians in general (all parties) and have found myself becoming more politically interested.

Either by coincidence, or just that we tend to attract like minded people, I feel like a lot more people up here have a political opinion and comments as of late. As I said, I don't know if that's simply due to me changing and perhaps seeking out like minded people, or if there is a change underway up here where people are just becoming more vocal about their frustrations.

Provinces up here are going blue though! Makes me happy.

Funny, actually now that I think about it. Blue up here is Conservative, while down there it would be Dems. And Liberals here are red, while down there it would be Repub. Basically opposite colour land.

No worries at all - always enjoy a good conversation. Funny, I was about to ask if you made an error as I read you post then I got to the end where you noted the colors were reversed.

Not the first time Canada got things back assward (wink wink). I mean, no self respecting person puts gravy on french fries - that's just wrong. Plus, you guys still continue to absolutely decimate the proper form of bacon. For this there can be no excuse or reprisal.

On a side note, however, you do spell aluminium correctly and gave up on the ridiculous imperial standard measurement system we have here which is insane. One of my favorite (favourite?) all time bands is also proudly Canadian - The Real McKenzies.

Next time you are 'oot and aboot', grab some sweet mary's at your local "Mary Brown's" for me. Yum. I also am jealous that you have Spur's in Canada but we don't have them in the USA. We eat there each time we are in South Africa. Now, y'all just need to get some Nando's! Best peri-peri chicken around.
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