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The grille is a 2 piece system. There's an outer grille with slats or mesh, then you have the flaps that sit behind and open and close as needed. Here's a pic of mine when the flaps are open (car parked and running in the sun).

Edit: I just realized the bolt on the front of the grill is cerium gray. Back to the parts catalog...
Thanks for the pic. Is there any way to keep it open?
Also 45 degree angled part is still plastic between slats?
The entire outer grille is plastic. But yes, that angled part on top is fixed, it's part of the outer grille. I don't know how you can avoid that because the G20 grille is designed to sit higher than previous generations and they made that angle into the grille so that it flows with the hood line. Making it look like it folds over onto the hood ever so slightly.

I have no idea about making it stay open. But why do that? When you're cruising down the highway it would be closed, making the car more aerodynamic and also protecting your radiator. I'm guessing it's always fully open when doing city driving on warm days.