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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
I truly believe (translation: I'm speculating here, not reporting facts) this whole mess was caused by WLTP. If not for that, all Z4 M40i's would've had B58O1 so that all M Performance 3/4 series cars (as of right now, X3 M40i, M340i, and Z4 M40i)
X4 M40i too, but I know what you meant.

would have had the same power in all world markets. Something (mostly likely packaging) prevented BMW engineers from installing the same emissions hardware in Z4 as they could in M340i. That resulted in the European Z4 M40i that got its wings kinda clipped with B58M1. Naturally the same had to happen to the Supra (because it's a freaking BMW, people! enough with that "Tada-san this, Tada-san that" kool-aid, OK?) for the WLTP markets, and Toyota just went with this for all other markets, probably for simplicity and cost savings.
This makes a lot of sense and sounds utterly plausible. I was baffled when it was revealed that the M340i wasn't castrated in WLTP countries like the Z4 M40i is, and this could explain it.

And then they had a change of heart - very recently. From what I can see, this likely happened in 2018, no earlier than that, so it could well be in response to the early feedback when the 335hp figure leaked and everyone and their mother started talking about it being a ridiculously low number for a Supra.
But, if your speculation above is true, WLTP nations would still be SOL, unless they (BMW, Toyota, or both BMW and Toyota) have now figured out how to put the O1 under the hood, compete with all of its emissions gear. Hopefully that is the case. And while they are at it, hopefully they figured out the same thing for the S58. It's insane to have the smallest, sportiest iteration of CLAR missing out on the hot powerplants. Heck, unless they went back to the drawing board completely for the version of CLAR that will underpin the G87, they needed to get this all sorted out anyway.