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I agree, its been excellent and engaging. It is constructed as a historical docu-drama, and if you consider the opening scene, the series is a flashback presumably based on those tape recordings the Professor made before committing suicide. Its near impossible to research the facts independently as we’re talking soviet era communism in the 80s and not much info got out. I could not believe the points raised in the second episode basically noting they had 72hours to control the fire or the potential hell on earth that would have occurred. Im looking forward to next weeks episode.
The estimations of how much bigger this catastrophe this could have been on a global scale was indeed frightening. And yes, how much actual facts could be pulled out of there during the Soviet era is definitely a factor. I wonder what Russian government officials think of this series so far.

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Really good show so far. Super tense and scary in episode 2 watching those guys go into the water-filled reactor building and their flashlights start to go out, and when they're discussing the severity of the incident.
Yeah, can't imagine the panic being in the dark with your dosimeter going nuts.

The human cost of Chernobyl is definitely worse than Fukushima. But in my opinion from a total environmental catastrophe, Fukushima is worse.

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Lots of chatter here about the series.

I'm luvin' it so far. The depiction of the soviet bureaucracy seems spot on.
Thanks for the thread link. Haven't visited that thread and didn't know there was already a discussion going.
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We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.