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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
Kind of disappointing to hear the trial was not historically accurate, though I understand the reasoning. Still a powerful scene nonetheless. I'm pretty sure my neighbors in all directions could hear me yelling "FUCK THE STATE!!" when it came time for Legasov to tell the truth. (though not the first time they have heard me yell that )

I wonder how much is true of the story regarding Dyatlov and the other two scientists basically screwing everyone just in hopes of a promotion. I thought the actor who portrayed the head of the KGB was perfect in that role. That last interview with him and Legasov was fantastic.
When Legasov got lead into that room with tile walls, a stool in the middle, next to a drain in the floor...Oh man. My heart just sunk. Really fantastic acting by all in those last few scenes.

Great series overall, even if creative liberties were taken for the sake of wrapping it all up in 5 episodes.