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You are all a little too much pretending to be tough guys on the internet. I dont think any of you had teachers make fun of you in class
I attended first grade in Poland. The teacher smacked my hands with a ruler when ever I wrote sloppy. Told my mom about it and she said that is what she is supposed to do.

Came to the US and based on age was placed in 2nd grade. In third grade I was sent to summer school to improve my spelling. This was in a elementary school in Newark. The teacher would reward us with candy when we did well but would smack you on the back of the head if you continually fucked up. Summer school lasted a month and by the time it was done my I could have probably took down one of those Indian kids that constantly wins spelling bees.

9th grade gym teacher made my life hell because I couldnt do a pull up. By the time I graduated HS and arrived at Parris Island I was doing 18.

Long stort short, I got picked on by a few teachers but in the end it just made me stronger
But I think those teachers deep down were trying to help you and not making fun of you. I also had tough teachers and some asshole teachers some I could tell just hated me. I agree I think they only made me better by being to tough so being tough is ok. But no one of them actually made fun of me or beat me. I think that's a little weird for a teacher and is crossing the line.

If you mess up in school and they say you messed up in front of everyone that sucks when you are a kid but it's ok and makes you better. If hat teacher makes you do more work to make up for it that's ok. But if a teacher starts making fun or name calling what is that guy gonna learn?? That's a bad teacher and no use. What you are saying sounds ok but did your teachers really make fun or name call you?