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Originally Posted by Grip Addict View Post
Something that trips me up about the finale.

The woman represents hundreds of scientists.

She wants him to tell the truth so the scientists there know the truth and will induce change in Russia's Nuclear industry.

She herself is a representation of all the scientists she wants him to inform.
Doesn't make any sense, zero.

Heck, I'm surprised they made radiation such a big deal in the show. At that time we barely knew anything about the effects of radiation on humans. Both the soviets and us here in the US were conducting atomic bomb tests and giving the observers a pair of glasses to help with the glare.

I'm surprised we don't make a movie about Fukushima which was handled very poorly by the Japanese and is a ticking nuclear bomb waiting to go offf. I don't know why the international community isn't trying to investigate, Japan has admitted they don't have a real plan.