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Originally Posted by spetsnazos View Post
Lol Forbes article. Want me to write my own and post a link here?
Think you’ve already done that? Basically found fault with and criticized every aspect of the series in this thread? That’s certainly your prerogative to do so, but doesn’t detract from, or change the opinion of those of us who enjoyed watching Chernobyl. Candidly, your musings are neither compelling nor persuasive.

I expect that none of us (who like Chernobyl) take for granted that everything we saw is 100% accurate. The pod casts clearly reveal liberties and interpretations were taken in the production. But that does not mean the show is bad, or is 100% inaccurate, let alone should not be watched. Chernobyl told a story, and tried to shed light on the event. Clearly there was an explosion, and effects felt from the radiation. An entire town of 50,000 was evacuated overnight with its residents never to return. Thousands died. Chernobyl was more than just a “leak” and radiation exposure more than a routine x-ray.

For me, admittedly, I knew very little about the event before watching the series. Now, I have a better understanding of what led up to the reactor explosion.
Furthermore, there are independent sources, articles, books and news reports that generally corroborate the content of the HBO series. That’s good enough for me.