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I have a friend who has done reasonably well in life but is the most frugal guy I have ever met. If he was given FREE courtside tickets to the NBA finals he'd still park his car 10km from the stadium in a rough neighbourhood just to avoid splitting a $10 parking ticket with a full car of passengers just out of principal (never mind the gas to the neighbourhood costs as much as the parking and pollutes the planet at the same time).

He grew up in a post-war country and I can only assume his experience of running from it has shaped his views of money and the security it provides.

He looks at my cars (911 4S, Z4M) as noisy, gas guzzling, maintenance heavy wallet drainers. He and his wife think a convertible is noisy and with the top down you get exposed to too much sun and wind in your face, where's the fun in that why would ANYONE pay extra for this experience?

He's unable to derive any gratification from spending money and hoards all things in life because you never know when you'll need them.

We all have our ideas of fun. Eventually cars will be electric automated transportation cells and gone will be the road trip and the wind and sun in our hair.

Different strokes for different folks for sure. I wish everyone could find a way to enjoy the same experiences unilaterally with these beautiful machines but it just isn't meant to be. We're not all wired that way.